IBIS Ireland steering group first meeting

The IBIS Ireland 2019 Steering Group kicked off the event planning journey by coming together for their first meeting on the 26 November.

The steering group included: Jonathan Penny, Market operations director for Fix Auto Ireland and Novus Glass Ireland, Brian Ross, Automotive Engineer Consultant, Darren Power, Motor Engineer Liberty Insurance and Council Member IAEA Peter Daly, Managing Director, Synergy Vehicle Refinishing Solutions Ireland.

IBIS is pleased to announce the success of the meeting where the group members discussed industry updates and the contribution that each member could bring to the event agenda including session topics and the creation of the panel session for this one-day symposium.

The steering group will gather again on the 9 January 2019.

On the success of the first meeting, Poppy Allard, Head of Commercial Delivery commented ‘we really couldn’t be happier with the support we have received since starting our steering group programs. We are confident that with the support of the IBIS Ireland steering group we will deliver a strong and informative IBIS Ireland 2019’.

IBIS Ireland 2019 will take place on the 2 May at the Castleknock Hotel in Dublin. To book your place or for more information about the event contact Suzie Scott – [email protected]

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