India sets bold 2030 EV target

India has announced a bold vision to replace every single traditional petrol car on its roads with an electric vehicle by 2030.

Only six per cent of India’s 1.2 billion population own a car at the moment, but that figure is expected to mushroom in the coming years as the company’s economy grows.

However, India believes it can steer this burgeoning market towards electric cars to combat the terrible pollution in the country (air quality in New Delhi is already worse than Beijing).

Power Minister Piyush Goyal said, ‘We are trying to make this program self-financing. We don’t need one rupee of support from the government. We don’t need one rupee of investment from the people of India.’

A number of proposals to drive the uptake of electric cars are being considered, including a programme to make the zero-down investments, with the money car owners would subsequently spend of gas being used instead to pay off the price of the car.