Moscow wins international transport award

The city of Moscow has been awarded the 2016 Transport Achievement Award for its exemplary approach to improving traffic conditions in the Russian capital.

Following twenty years of almost uncontrolled development of urban traffic, the city of Moscow introduced a rigorous and comprehensive set of policies to address the gridlock on its streets. Over the past five years, these measures have reduced the number of cars in central Moscow by 25% and increased the average speed of traffic by 12%, despite 600 new cars being registered in the capital each day.

In 2013, Moscow traffic was ranked as worst in the world by the TomTom Traffic Index. In the 2016 edition it has improved to fifth place in that index.

Awarding body, the International Transport Forum (ITF) recognised the ‘impressive achievement in improving overall traffic in Moscow’ and highlighted ‘the effectiveness of coherent, coordinated initiatives and policy actions that facilitated this remarkable change.’

Measures put into place in Moscow included: paid car parking; development of public transport; innovative ticketing; governance reform in public transport; development of cycling; car sharing and taxi reform, and environmental requirements for cargo vehicles.

The 2016 Transport Achievement Award is handed-out by the International Transport Forum (ITF), a Paris-based intergovernmental organisation and policy think tank with 57 member countries. The Award will be presented during the 2016 Summit of the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany.