NEVS and Phantom collaborate

NEVS, a leading Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer, has taken another step towards autonomous driving by using Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology.

NEVS (formerly Saab Automobile) and Phantom Auto, a leading provider of teleoperation safety technology for autonomous vehicles (AVs), are collaborating to ensure the safe and efficient deployment of NEVS’ electric AVs throughout the world.

Phantom Auto, based in Silicon Valley, California, USA, enables a remote human operator to drive an AV when it encounters a scenario which the AV cannot handle on its own, enabling the safe and rapid deployment of AVs.

Stefan Tilk, CEO of NEVS, said, ‘Our AVs must be able to drive from any point A to any point B, which means driving through all edge cases they experience on the road, such as inclement weather, road work, and any other road obstructions.’

Shai Magzimof, CEO of Phantom Auto, said, ‘We are honoured to work with an electric AV manufacturer like NEVS, a true leader in sustainable mobility which shares our vision for AV safety.’