Oman insurer offers repair time guarantee

Al Ahlia Insurance Company, Oman’s most progressive insurance company, has announced what it claims to be a revolutionary new proposition for motor insurance.

The company now offers a repair-time guarantee and vehicle return in five days for minor repairs. Additionally, customers are also guaranteed a compensation amounting to RO7 per day in cash, for any delay after the five-day guarantee period.

Introducing the proposition, Addal Sarwar, director – Retail, Al Ahlia Insurance Co, Oman said, ‘Al Ahlia is determined to make substantial progress in our offerings and this is one of the many new propositions that we have been working on to offer our motor customers across Oman. We understand that repair times can be very frustrating for customers and we would like to ensure claims satisfaction by taking out the guesswork on when a customer can expect the car back from the garage.

‘With this new proposition, we have a range of repair-time guarantees and compensation for any delays by the garage for various car categories depending on size of vehicle, nature of the repair and cost involved. We are delighted as this offer is currently running in the market and we hope that the customers take full advantage of our promise.’

The new proposition for motor insurance follows the launch of the progressive and new brand identity of Al Ahlia along with an enhanced approach towards customer experience at branches, superior online service platforms and enriched product offerings.

Lloyd East, CEO, Al Ahlia Insurance Co, Oman, said, ‘The Claims Guarantee proposition is a demonstration of our philosophy of ‘One Step Ahead’. We understand that everyday is filled with a lot of surprises, and there are occasional unpleasant ones that may lead to minor mishaps on the road. Having said that, we empower our customers with a claim repair guarantee of five days to quickly get back their cars. We understand the active business environment in which we are operating, and the high expectations customers have from us. Our new offerings reflect these changing dynamics and our commitment to keep their interests at the center of our business.’