PSA invests €200m in modernisation

The PSA Group has invested €200m in its ‘Sochaux 2022’ modernisation project.

With ‘Sochaux 2022’, a project that has mobilised a dedicated multi-skilled team on site for the last 36 months, the PSA Group will turn its Sochaux site into a benchmark plant.

This strategic project aims to simplify flows, inherited from over 100 years of industrial history, that do not allow Sochaux to reach its full potential compared to the other PSA Group industrial sites. At the end of this transformation project, Sochaux will be able to meet changing customer expectations thanks to a highly-flexible multi-silhouette line able to produce six different silhouettes, with a production capacity of 400,000 vehicles per year, exceeding the average of the last 10 years.

This new large transfer press line is the first acquired in France in the last two decades. This new line will be high speed and cutting edge technology, able to build multiple parts and to produce both steel and aluminium parts.

Sochaux’s modernisation will also include the setting-up of a versatile, extremely flexible body-assembly workshop, capable of processing the whole diversity of the site’s production, and the installation of an assembly workshop, meeting the highest world standards, closer to the other production buildings.

Maxime Picat, executive vice president, operational director Europe said, ‘Today, Sochaux produces emblematic cars for the PSA Group, including the Peugeot 3008, and will begin to manufacture vehicles for the Opel brand. I know that I can count on the professionalism and unwavering commitment of all the employees at our historical site – with whom I have had the chance to work – to continue to meet the current and future expectations of our customers.’