RWC supports St Lucia’s EV uptake

RWC has been contracted to support the government of St Lucia in its drive for electric vehicle (EV) uptake by providing internationally recognised training to the Caribbean Island’s automotive technicians.

Getting underway in December 2019 with 15 automotive technicians undergoing the internationally recognised IMI L3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement qualification, the St Lucia government-backed partnership will see RWC deliver several further EV courses throughout 2020 and beyond.

With a major focus currently on encouraging the uptake of EVs across the island, St Lucia’s government has recognised that in order to make uptake effective and sustainable, the automotive sectors’ infrastructure needs to be aligned and capable.

Managing director at RWC, Rob Ward, who along with training partner Ed Matthews spent a week in St Lucia in early December providing training and highlighting to government officials and the automotive sector the general challenges associated with EVs, said: “It’s fantastic to see a country such a St Lucia taking such a forward-thinking approach to encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles.

“The government is investing much time and resource into ensuring a long term, environmentally sustainable transport infrastructure and having the opportunity to be part of the educational process is an honour.”

Government of St Lucia public utilities officer, Kurt Inglis, said: “The training is deemed extremely important in terms of transitioning from what we commonly use in the transport sector to something that is cleaner, something that is safer and something that will drive our society forward.

“The advent of electric vehicles, especially on the global market, is really transforming the way the transport sector operates and we are ready to move into a new generation that is electric.”

The initial training, hosted by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, targeted vehicle dealers and independent garages but was also attended by several government officials. The next part of the programme will see RWC provide training to St Lucia’s emergency services.

Having operated its own fleet of three Nissan Leaf EVs since early 2018, the government of St Lucia is encouraging the uptake of EVs via incentive schemes for both vehicle dealers and consumers, as well as a focus on enhanced supporting infrastructure. The move is part of St Lucia’s drive to attain its sustainable development goals by 2030.