Snap-On Business Solutions successfully roll-out electronic vehicle health check system across Nissan in Asia-Pacific and Oceania

Snap-on Business Solutions’ autoVHC Electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) product, which offers a complete electronic vehicle health check system that helps service workshops improve efficiency and profitability, has been successfully rolled out across selected Nissan dealerships in Thailand, the Philippines and Australia.

Snap-On and Nissan have worked together to manage the rollout of the product in the face of the pandemic. Snap-On built a virtual training programme which was implemented in June, enabling the business to switch to a virtual rollout and continue their work while complying with COVID-19 regulations.

This expansion in Asia Pacific and Oceania is part of Nissan’s Service Tablet project, which forms part of their global digitalisation journey. The service tablet includes autoVHC’s health check product, which allows staff to complete walk-around inspections, mechanical and maintenance checks, access photo and video functionality, customer progress tracking and links to online payment gateways.

Jamie Francis Morais, General Manager After Sales, ASEAN at Nissan, said: “At Nissan, the safety and wellbeing of both our customers and dealership staff remains a priority. We understand that customers wish to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy in a safe way. Our partnership with Snap-On showcases our commitment to provide customers a safe, easy and seamless ownership experience during these difficult times.” Nick Squire, Operations Manager at autoVHC, added: “Snap-On is a truly global business so this rollout of our eVHC product across selected Nissan dealerships in ASEAN and Oceania makes sense for us and fits with our global growth plan. We were very happy to be able to continue with the rollout despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, and look forward to working closely with Nissan to ensure the smooth running of our eVHC solution in Thailand, Australia and the Philippines.”