SUV sales continue to surge

Sales of SUVs have quadrupled in Europe since 2005 and are expected to keep rising thanks to growing popularity with an unusually diverse group of buyers, according to a new survey.

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) have been embraced by ‘Modern Mums’, mothers with young kids, Millennials, 17- to 34-years-olds, and ‘Quintastics’, for active and youthful 50-somethings.

Nearly one in three ‘Modern Mums’ are considering an SUV for their next car, as are one in four Millennials; and one in five ‘Quintastics’, according to a new Ford Motor Company-sponsored survey of 5,000 people in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain who own a car or who intend to buy one in the next 12 months.

‘SUVs have grown from a tiny niche in Europe to one of the most significant automotive trends of the past decade,’ said Roelant de Waard, vice president, marketing, sales and service, Ford of Europe. ‘Every time someone predicts SUV sales will cool down, they are proven wrong. That’s because SUVs have widespread appeal with men and woman, young and older people.’

The percentage of SUVs sold in Europe compared with total car sales has grown from six per cent in 2005 to 23% in 2015.  This is expected to increase to 27% by 2020, according to industry sales analyst IHS.

Across Europe the survey revealed that Brits (28%) were second placed to Italians (31%) as most likely to consider an SUV as their next car.