Technology needs to be embraced

Neil Atherton, sales and marketing director, Autoglass UK told IBIS Global Summit 2016 delegates, ‘We are now in a world where technology complexity is growing exponentially.’

In his session, ‘ADAS technology: the importance of calibrating with confidence’, Neil highlighted the road to autonomous vehicles with the various technologies representing different levels of development. Video clips also demonstrated LED matrix lighting technology – a major influence in reducing road accidents – as well as the Volvo Drive Me programme.

Neil told delegates that fully autonomous technology is already with us, the challenge is the ethical and legal framework in which it operates – ‘a long journey ahead’.

‘Camera systems have been around for a number of years now, but the number of applications and makes and models utilising them is set to explode globally,’ explained Neil. ‘A combination of government influence and consumer led NCAP programmes will drive more vehicle manufacturers to adopt ADAS technology.’

Neil pointed to how this rise in ADAS adoption presents challenges for the repair sector. ‘So how can anyone know whether the camera is working or even pointing in the right direction? To ensure the camera is seeing what it should, many vehicle manufacturers mandate a calibration after a windscreen replacement to ensure the camera takes accurate readings and measurements for ADAS functionalities.

‘If the camera is misaligned then this could have a significant impact on the functionality of the ADAS system.’

Neil then explained the static and dynamic calibration process and suggested in the future we are likely to see more ‘pop-up’ windscreen replacement environments in the future.

Neil advised the bodyshops in the audience ’embrace the advances in technology’.