The white choice

White remains the colour of choice according to Axalta’s Global Automotive 2016 Colour Popularity Report.

Four in 10 cars worldwide are white, while in Africa the numbers are even higher with 63% of cars either white or silver.

In China, more than half of vehicles sold are white. Solid white is more popular than pearl white by more than 39%. Conversely, Japan prefers pearl white (27%) to solid white (seven per cent).

At 17 percent, grey is more popular in Europe than any other region. Black is declining and now seven percentage points behind first place white.

In North America, grey is making a mark rising two per cent in popularity and lengthening its lead over silver, while in Russia beige/brown is at eight per cent, just as in China. No other region reaches that mark.

In South America, green comes in at five per cent, tied with Russia for green’s most popular regions.

‘We are seeing a clear preference for the neutral shades, but there is a catch,” explains Nancy Lockhart, Axalta’s colour marketing manager for North America. ‘We are seeing colourful hues being added to these neutrals to create eye-catching tones. Watch for tints and effects to add depth and beauty to these neutrals in the future.’

Meanwhile, according to Elke Dirks, Automotive OEM colour designer for Axalta’s Europe, Middle East and Africa region, said, ‘Our trend reporting enables Axalta to be nimble as we work with automakers on future colours. Understanding consumer preferences and trends provides insights that help us forecast where consumer choices may be heading in the years to come.’