Toyota recalls 6.5 million cars

Japanese carmaker Toyota has said it will recall 6.5 million vehicles worldwide over a faulty window switch.

The power switch could potentially short-circuit, causing parts to overheat and could lead to a fire.

Toyota has already recalled some 10 million cars globally that were fitted with faulty air bags linked to a number of deaths.

The defective window switch affects models including the Yaris model as well as the Corolla, Camry, RAV4, Highlander and others. The recall only affects cars produced between 2005 and 2010.

Of the total cars affected by the recall, around 2.7 million cars were sold in North America, 1.2 million in Europe, and 600,000 in Japan.

Toyota said that modules in a switch related to the electric window might have been lubricated inconsistently during manufacturing. Debris caused by wear from the electrical contact points can accumulate and cause a short-circuit. This could in turn cause the switch to overheat and melt, potentially leading to a fire.

Toyota added that it was not aware of any accidents caused by the fault.