VW Group in EV battle

Automotive News reports that Volkswagen Group’s Porsche and Audi brands are locked in a battle to develop and manufacture the next generation of electric cars.

VW has denied any bitter rivalry but Reuters reported how senior executives had informed them how in-house conflict, particularly between VW and its premium brands, is intensifying over which factories will develop its next generation cars.

‘There is a cut-throat battle for resources. Every brand with engine-manufacturing capacity now wants a leadership role when it comes to electric motors, battery packs and battery-cell expertise,’ an executive at one of the VW divisions said.

Thousands of jobs are at stake as the group – whose brands also include Skoda, Seat, Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini – moves to new technology and faces up to emissions penalties and lawsuits which analysts say could cost as much as 30 billion euros.

Executives at Audi, Porsche and VW said conflict between group brands is not new and healthy internal competition can push them to greater technical and commercial achievements.