VWG sets sales record

Volkswagen Group set an all-time sales record in 2018. The 10.83 million vehicles it delivered throughout the world was 0.9% more than in 2017.

In many markets of the world, South America, Europe, the USA and China, both the deliveries and in some cases the market shares of the Volkswagen Group grew.

With successful product offensives, the Group brands were able to more than compensate for the risks in individual regions such as the general economic uncertainty in China and the adverse effects of the WLTP changeover in Europe. The Group’s new SUV models were strong growth drivers.

Dr. Christian Dahlheim, head of Volkswagen group sales, ‘Even though setting new records is no longer our primary goal, we are very pleased about this great result. Especially in the second half, things were not easy for us in 2018. It was possible to achieve this new deliveries record for the Group thanks to a combination of outstanding products and the high level of trust placed in us by our customers.

‘In view of volatile geopolitical developments, our business will face an equally strong headwind in 2019. In my opinion, the Volkswagen Group is well-positioned to meet the upcoming challenges. We face the future with optimism.’