VW’s Electrify America at Walmart

Volkswagen has planned to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at more than 100 Walmarts, according to Reuters.

The charging stations will be located over 34 states by late 2019 as part of VW’s Electrify America plan. Walmart and VW hope the installations will strengthen charging infrastructure across the country.

‘We recognize that electric vehicles are going to grow and become more relevant,” Mark Vanderhelm, vice president for energy at Walmart, told Reuters. ‘We are trying to get out in front of that.’

The Walmart charging stations are part of the Electrify America project that plans to install 2,000 chargers at nearly 500 charging stations across America by June 2019.

Wayne Killen, Electrify America’s senior director for infrastructure, stated that 80% of the Walmart charging stations would be installed at store locations alongside highways, and the other 20% at metro areas.

The lack of charging infrastructure in the US has been a deterrence to adopt EV for consumers.

‘These charging stations will go a long way toward convincing folks that there are a lot of chargers out there,’ Wayne said.