IBIS USA session four to address the most precious repair resource

We have talked about human resources many times in past IBIS events, but it’s a topic that bears repeating because it’s impacting so many areas of the industry and there are plenty of dilemmas still to address. Not restricted to just a technician shortage, the industry is struggling with staff shortages in all facets of the business. Session Four of #IBISUSA2022 will look at the recruitment journey, how we can mentor the mentors and the importance of a planned career path.

Finding good people and keeping them on board is a challenging aspect of business management that requires years of experience to fully understand. That’s why we have convened for you an exceptional panel of experts with vast experience in the field. Speakers in this session include David Luehr, Owner, Elite Bodyshop Solutions; Claudia Morgillo, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, Certified Professional Leadership Coach and Trainer at Energy Elevation Coaching by Doublesee; Amber Ritter, Director of Marketing and Project Management, Collision Repair Education Foundation; and Joseph Baker, Collision Instructor, Metropolitan Community College.

Before you can address any people-related dilemmas, you must first understand how things are changing in the industry, and how your organisation will be impacted by those changes. And that is exactly what this session will help you with.

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