BS 10125 under review

The proposed changes to BS 10125 have been set out and the RMI is encouraging industry stakeholders to review the amendments and leave their feedback.

The proposed amendments to BS 10125 mean that, where vehicle manufacturer training is undertaken – and where that training has an end test that checks and verifies that the individual undertaking the training has understood and retained the knowledge provided, and that the end test process can be audited and verified – it will count as proof of ‘technician competence’.

The RMI highlights that it will be for the bodyshop to provide evidence that the training and end tests meet the requirements of the standard, and recommends that written verification of any end test is obtained from those providing the training prior to the technician undertaking the programme.

Jason Moseley, executive director at RMI, said, ‘This is the chance for everyone to have their say on these amendments and I would encourage as much feedback as possible. This is the industry´s standard and needs to be guided by the industry.’

The RMI also advises that businesses ensure that any information relating to specific training to be undertaken provides reference to the relevant National Occupational Standards module (or their replacement) to ensure that the skills and/or knowledge obtained is transferable between vehicle marques.

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The end date for the review is 24 July 2016.