Musk’s 2020 vision for Apple cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes Apple will have a slice of the electric car market by 2020.

At a press conference last week he predicted Apple would provide competition for Tesla in the future, suggesting that the tech company could begin volume production within four years.

Although there is nothing to back up his claims, he said he expected that Apple will ‘probably make a good car and be successful.’ However, he did warn that 2020 might actually be too late to make a substantial impact on the market.

But while the Tesla boss was confident Apple would be a player in the electric car market, he was less sure about Google.

He said, ‘Google has done a great job at showing the potential of autonomous transport, but they’re not a car company.’

Elon Musk said instead that Google may license its technology to other companies. Google has recently announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for autonomous-car development.