Shift to digital accelerates

New data has revealed the rapid shift to digital retailing in the EU during the pandemic by automotive manufacturers.

Global eCommerce firm drivvn, which works with 15 vehicle manufacturers in 17 countries, saw sales through its platform hit £382m in 2020.

While the shift to digital retail has been accelerated by the pandemic, it is also a reaction to the longer-term shifts to changes in both ownership and retail models.

Peter Brown, CEO of drivvn, said: “We expect online sales to rapidly increase as the economy recovers through 2021 and into next year. A smooth digital customer journey is fundamental to mobility solutions and the changing relationships brands have with their customers.”

The data from drivvn highlighted a number of trends throughout 2020. Some clients saw women convert online at twice the rate of men and account for 60% of all purchases, while the number of people who made online reservations doubled during the first lockdown.

Data from drivvn points to an omnichannel future where buyers still value the experience of visiting a retailer but may choose to complete more of the journey remotely. Most importantly, they expect the shift between virtual and physical retail environments to be seamless.

Brown concluded: “We are working not only to help people buy online but also connect the customer journey across after-sales and increase lifetime value. Creating a closer relationship with customers is essential to future business models.”