Volvo updates 90 Series

Volvo Cars has made several important updates to its 90 series cars, delivering new safety, powertrain and connectivity options.

For the Swedish and Norwegian markets, Volvo Cars has applied its safety thinking to the connected car, delivering two new connected safety systems that will make their debut in the S90, V90 and XC90: Slippery Road Alert and Hazard Light Alert, which use the cloud to share safety-critical data between cars.

‘Today’s Volvos contain many safety sensors. We believe that sharing safety-related information – whether around conditions or hazards on the road ahead – is a thoughtful and useful way to use the information the car is already gathering,’ added Dr Peter Mertens, senior vice president research and development at Volvo Car Group. ‘With Connected Safety, Volvo Cars is helping to define a completely new type of road safety system.’

Volvo Cars’ Scalable Product Architecture, upon which the 90 series and coming 60 series models will be built, means that new safety systems can be added across the range of cars built on the platform. These two new connected safety systems will go live in Sweden and Norway initially, with a planned roll-out to other markets.

The Swedish car maker’s smartphone integration offer, which already includes Apple CarPlay, will also now come with Android Auto functionality in Volvo’s large driver interface.

In addition to delivering updated connectivity and safety, Volvo Cars has also added several new Drive-E powertrain variants, delivering an attractive balance of fuel economy and driveability.

The updated models will go into production in mid-November.