Challenging Perspectives agenda 2018



Can the customer make the difference?

Paul Steele, sales director – DACH, TrustPilot

As Ken Hughes, consumer behaviour expert, has been quoted as saying, ‘you don’t own your brand, the consumer does – and what they say is true.’ Here we delve into how an industry traditionally ‘closed’ to the consumer is now very much in their hands.


What’s behind the numbers?

Steve Young, managing director, ICDP

Analytics, data, management information… there is no escaping the fact that today these aspects govern business strategies and industries alike but in a fragmented industry, such as automotive collision repair, sometimes the real picture is not that clear. This session sets out to change all of that.


Transformation is the name of the game

Over the next few years it is claimed we will see more change within the automotive (mobility) sector than we have in the past 100 – so what exactly does that mean for the main stakeholders in all of this – the VM? Here we glean an insight into how one major VM is approaching the industry.


Spotlight on Fleets

Dirk Utman, senior manager, risk advisory, automotive Deloitte

Fleet leasing and management come under the spotlight during this session from audit, consulting, financial advisory and risk management organisation, Deloitte as it reveals the findings of its EU and north American fleet study.


A world of skills

With all eyes on the skills gap – are we making progress and what more can be done to ensure the industry’s workforce is ready for the future? This session aims to provide some answers.



Collision repair around the world

Frank Liu, CEO of Fix Auto China; Michael Wilmshurst, chief executive, Nationwide Accident Repair Services;

This session brings together three very different collision repair operations from highly diverse markets to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats their particular markets and models bring.


Beyond consolidation 

Brad Mewes, principal, Supplement

Brad returns to IBIS Global Summit to update us on the trend of consolidation throughout the industry and asks if we are beyond consolidation?


Operational excellence

Mark Sanders, president and COO of Caliber Collision Centers

We hear from the president and COO of one of the largest collision repair groups in the world about just what it takes to create, maintain and continuously innovate operational excellence.


Collision repair through the eyes of a VM

Jennifer Boyer, aftersales marketing director and global collision repair director, Ford Motor Company

The aftersales marketing director and global collision repair director of one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers provides us with an insight into its approach to collision repair and how it partners with the industry.