3D in seventh heaven

America-based 3D Auto Body’s seventh site has celebrated a year of success with the support of Symach technology and equipment.

Dave Niestroy said, ‘This technology gives us something that none of our competitors have—we can dry body filler, primer, sealer, waterborne base coat and clear coat in minutes not hours. I know it sounds crazy, but we can paint vehicles in minutes with this technology.’

Prior to using this technology, he said it took up to three or more hours to complete the same process, which now takes just over an hour. ‘This technology works 100 times more efficiently than I could have ever imagined,’ he said.

Chad Seelye, Symach’s vice president USA, said, ‘By using our custom-designed Symach solution, 3D Conshohocken can yield a 50% increase in touch time, a 25 to 30% reduction in labour cost and market disrupting cycle times with superior quality.’

Symach installed the first SprayTron/KombiTron solution in North America, which consists of one spray booth and one drying cabin that both utilize Symach’s DryTronic drying technology and robots. Symach also installed a FixStation solution, an all-in-one body repair/spraybooth equipped with a FlyDry robot for curing paint and body filler, an in-ground lift and all power/air required to complete repairs.

Seeyle said when combined with two combination technicians and the SAP, it can produce six to eight one-panel repairs per nine-hour shift.

Niestroy concluded, ‘This would not have been possible without the help of our partner paint company, PPG, and their tenacious efforts to perfect the paint formulas for this new paint drying process.’