Amanda Hein, IBIS Moderator

Amanda works alongside IBIS adding valued presentation and editorial support. Her degree-level background in Communications from Richmond American International University of London, added to her master’s in creative writing and English language from the University of Westminster, means she is ideally suited to moderate at IBIS events across the globe.

Her wide knowledge of the global bodyshop industry stems from her ongoing work roles on bodsyhop magazine and bodyshop Middle East where she delivers news and feature stories of relevance to an experienced audience. She also works as editor of the UK-based Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors, the professional body uniting those working as vehicle damage assessors to the insurance industry.

She moderates around the world at conferences dealing with subjects such as business, thought leadership, vehicle crash repair and within the insurance and finance sectors.

In her spare time Amanda enjoys travelling to network across the globe, and is working towards getting her first novel published.