An OEM’s strategic approach to collision repairs

‘An OEM’s strategic approach to collision repairs’ was the title of Frederieck Toney’s, president of global Ford customer service division, session at IBIS USA.

Frederieck offered delegates a case study into the inner workings of how Ford approaches collision repair. He began his session by outlining how Ford evolves to meet customers’ needs. ‘Listening to our customers is key to our product strategy and our collision strategy,’ stated the speaker.

The Ford philosophy is to provide Ford owners quality collision repairs, with Ford OE repair procedures and parts.

‘Our plan,’ stated Frederieck, ‘is to be convenient, transparent, supportive, competitive, strategic, and prepared. We can’t do it alone, none of us can. We want to get better together, especially with the growing technology.’

Frederieck continued his session with the description of the Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN), which launch January of this year. He stated, ‘This network hopes to change standards for OEM and bodyshops. It is all about managing the space themselves, training appropriately and certifying when necessary. The processes of repair need to be a collaborated effort.’

At the heart of the commitment to the Ford network philosophy is transparency, explained Frederieck.  Transparency is about sharing information in a timely manner and continually updating information. ‘A 25-year versus a five-year veteran will read the same information and interpret it differently. Want to aid this process.’

Frederieck continued that building a capable network’s purpose is to provide Ford owners with quality, safe collision repairs while utilizing OE repair procedures and parts.

‘To prepare for the future we want to embrace technology. Technology is changing the collision repair industry and the time to prepare is now,’ Frederieck commented. To do this, along with the FCCN, Ford will also be using its Ford Pass, which is an app to aid with the communication with repair shops and centres.

Next, the speaker discussed relationships and learning. ‘At Ford, strategic relationships are paying off as we learn and share with our like-minded partners. Ultimately, we want to improve the customer experience by taking the waste out of the system. However, we have to want to do that together with stakeholders to achieve this.’

In conclusion, Frederieck looked to Ford’s perspective for the future. ‘We want a positive brand experience with partners who share our vision. At the center is always the customer: hate the collision, love the repair.’

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