Audatex and NBRA join forces

Audatex, the world’s leading data and technology solutions provider for the automotive industry, has signed a partnership agreement with the National Body Repair Association (NBRA), the UK’s trade association for the vehicle body repair sector.

The deal will add considerable weight to efforts by both parties to support the industry at large, as well as helping individual bodyshops to grow and future-proof themselves against new challenges. Among those issues driving the agenda will be helping businesses to adapt to new regulations, digitalization and attracting talent to bridge the industry’s skills gap.

‘The bodyshop industry is facing change, bringing with it new challenges, but also new opportunities,’ said David Shepherd, RMD at Audatex. ‘We want to play our part in helping to shape a better future for all, and partnering with the NBRA is another step forward in our resolve and commitment to do that.

The NBRA has over 850 bodyshop members, representing more than 8,000 people, generating an annual revenue of £1.2 billion between them. It works with the government and other organisations to promote and challenge industry change.

‘Audatex is a true industry leader, supporting over 2,000 repairers across the UK and processing more than 2 million motor claims per year,’ said Jason Moseley, NBRA Director. ‘We know that we need to work together as an industry to bring about change for the better, and having a force like Audatex onside adds huge weight to support those efforts.’  He adds, ‘With our combined strengths, we will be able to better address issues and create greater impact for a more successful future. We are thrilled to have Audatex’s support.’