Axalta sells 50,000th spectrophotometer

Axalta, a leader in full digital colour management for refinishers, has sold its 50,000th spectrophotometer globally.

The milestone comes following the launch of the first generation of handheld devices for the refinish industry in 2005.

To commemorate this accomplishment, BYK-Gardner, a global leader in the field of measuring colour and appearance, proudly created a limited-edition spectrophotometer, painted in StarLite, Axalta’s 2018 Automotive Color of the Year.  Starlite uses Axalta’s tri-coat process to create an eye catching pearlescent effect.

The first commemorative device was presented to Joe McDougall, Axalta’s president of global refinish and EMEA, by BYK-Gardner president Frank Wagner during the 2018 IBIS Global Summit, in Munich, Germany.

‘Marking the 50,000th global spectrophotometer sale highlights the importance refinishers attach to accurate and fast colour matching,’ commented McDougall. ‘This small yet technology-packed device demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative colour-matching technology to customers. These devices and their patented technology are designed to achieve the perfect colour match accurately, efficiently and reliably, every day in the bodyshop. When used in conjunction with our colour management software, they truly support our commitment to customers to transition from traditional colour retrieval to a fully digital colour management process.’