Correct repair ‘unquestionable’

The importance of repairing vehicles using the ‘correct repair’ was the message to IBIS Ireland 2016 delegates from Volvo’s Steve Plunkett.

Steve, Volvo UK, body and paint programme development manager, gave a fascinating insight into the Volvo brand, highlighting how safety has and continues to be the driving force behind all it does. He pointed out how since 1970 the Volvo traffic accident team had collected data from 43,000 real-life accidents involving about 72,000 occupants – research which has allowed it to continuously develop its reputation for producing safe vehicles.

‘We do things the Volvo way,’ said Steve. ‘We design and build cars with cutting edge technology and craftsmanship, and are going through an exceptional growth phase. It is not business as usual.’

Steve used a selection of videos to highlight the advanced research and development Volvo undertakes in pursuit of its 2020 vision that ‘no one shall be seriously injured or killed in a Volvo’. With this, he emphasised the importance that vehicles need to be repaired correctly and in line with vehicle manufacturer guidelines – ‘you cannot put the price on a life of a human’ said Steve.

Looking into various safety elements of Volvo vehicles including the importance of windscreens and glass, Steve also touched upon the evolution towards autonomous vehicles with its Drive Me initiative – ‘this fully autonomous technology is very close,’ Steve told delegates.

He continued, ‘Vehicle technology is most certainly in the fast lane and never before has an approved repairer network been more crucial.’

IBIS Ireland 2016 was headline partnered by AkzoNobel and Audatex, along with partners Fastcare and Enterprise.