David Williams, managing director, Underwriting & Technical Services, AXA Insurance UK

David has over 30 years’ experience in general insurance in roles which include chief commercial underwriter at one of AXA’s largest branches, reinsurance manager, casualty insurance manager, managing director claims and managing director underwriting.

David leads AXA’s work on connected and autonomous vehicles, including work with 5 government backed consortia (e.g.Venturer, UK Autodrive, and Flourish). He sits on the Association of British Insurers GIC and is chair of the Autonomous Driving Group. He also chairs RISCAuthority, the CII underwriting faculty, is a board member of the Fire Protection Association and a non-executive director of AXA Assistance UK.

David is very active in lobbying the government, particularly with regard to problems with claims farming and compensation culture. He won the 2018 Insurance Post Award for Social Media Influencer of the year, the 2019 Insurance Post Claims Award for Achievement as well as personality of the year at the 2019 British Insurance Awards.