Dialogue for the future of mobility

The Open Source Lab for Sustainable Mobility has started dialogue as a platform for sustainable mobility in Berlin.

It is funded by the Volkswagen sustainability council, is independent in its research agenda and is obliged to publish all research results and other results.

‘Our idea on the Sustainability Council was to create an open platform for dialogue on the future of mobility,’ said Gesche Joost, a professor at the University of the Arts and a member of the Volkswagen sustainability council.

As a launch event, national and international experts from research, non-profit organizations, start-ups and companies discussed sustainable mobility at a roundtable.

The Open Source Lab is based on a collaborative network-driven approach. The purpose of the lab is to facilitate interdisciplinary research and a broad dialogue on sustainable mobility. It involves the public and various stakeholders. The work is based on a broader understanding of mobility and includes topics such as governance, urban planning or social justice.

The Open Source Lab for Sustainable Mobility is realized by the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence and is located on the EUREF campus in the centre of Berlin.