Digital demands growing in Malaysia

Online demand for auto parts and accessories among Malaysian vehicle owners is set to continue increasing over the next few years.

This is according to a survey conducted by a top e-commerce platform provider,

It found that Malaysia is one of the top automobile producers in the Asia Pacific region, with an annual production of around 0.65 million cars and a combined total of over 600 plants for finished cars and part makers.

However, automotive manufacturers need to evolve with technology to sustain this industry in the future. These days that means digitalisation, which is revolutionising manufacturing processes across industries.

Product design and product planning, for example, are two key processes in automotive production, with the potential to determine factory performance and overall product quality.

Typically, it takes months for a particular car model design to be fully developed. With digital technologies, engineers will be able to develop simulations to create and test these virtualised prototypes. Overall, expenses and time spent are reduced, as fewer physical models have to be built and assessed during the design process.

Production planning is also optimised with digital solutions, allowing manufacturers to simulate new production lines to determine the best plant layout and equipment locations. Being able to perform feasibility analysis on digital models of assembly manufacturing processes also increases the likelihood of achieving time-to-market targets as potential issues are eliminated from the get-go.

Furthermore, with proper alignment of manufacturing processes with product designs, there is greater quality control and wastage in the form of scraps and rework is reduced.