Electric charging at petrol stations

British Shell petrol stations are expected to be among the first in Europe to have electric car charging stations installed.

Both Shell and Total are planning to offer electric charging at certain stations around Europe later this year, according to the Financial Times.

Shell is targeting Britain and The Netherlands for first adoption, while Total of France is ‘studying the viability’ of installing charging points at certain domestic filling stations.

While electric cars are said to spell the end of the oil industry, Shell believes there will still be other commercial opportunities.

John Abbott, Shell’s director of downstream business, said, ‘We have a number of countries where we’re looking at having battery charging facilities. If you are sitting charging your vehicle, you will want to have a coffee of something to eat.’

Although he didn’t say how many stations would include electric charging points, he said roll out would begin ‘quite soon’.

He added, ‘We are looking at how we can be part of the energy transition. There’s not going to be one solution. Hydrogen, electric vehicles and biofuels will all have their place.’