EVs set for 20% marketshare

The European project SCelecTRA – Scenarios for the electrification of Transport – has published a final report highlighting a minimum 20% vehicle parc marketshare for electric vehicles by 2030.

Selected within the framework of the ERANET-Electromobility+ programme, the project set out to identify public policies promoting the development of electromobility on a European scale (private electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles) out to the year 2030 and evaluate their environmental impacts as well as their external costs. Coordinated by IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), SCelecTRA brought together five partners with complementary expertise: IFPEN, IFSTTAR, Kanlo, EIFER and Thinkstep.

The main conclusions of SCelecTRA show that the share of electric vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrid passenger cars) in the European car market may be as high as 30% in the most optimistic scenario, and 20% according to the most realistic scenario (10% for plug-in hybrids and 10% for electric vehicles).

The study of public policy instruments also revealed that scrappage schemes and electric vehicle purchase incentive programmes are more effective than measures relating to fuel taxes.

In all cases, the development of a network of recharging terminals is a decisive factor in the development of the electric vehicle market.