First Dutch self-driving bus trials held

The first driverless vehicle to be tested on public roads in the Netherlands has officially been conducted.

The WePod bus is the first of a proposed fleet of autonomous vehicles, and is being tested in the Dutch town of Wageningen. The first trial took place on 28 January, when it took six people on a 200m journey through the town in the first trial on Dutch public roads. All previous trials before this point had taken place on closed off roads.

The WePod shuttle is supplied by French-Indian company EasyMile. It can carry six people and is forecast to have an eventual top speed of 25mph, although in its trials, it will be limited to 16mph. It will also not run at night or in adverse weather during its initial trial run.

Speaking to Reuters, the project developers said they intend to expand the programme to encompass a four mile public transport route in the town.