Four technology companies sign agreement

Dendrobium Automotive Limited has signed a four-way agreement with Magnis Resources, Charge CCCV LLC and Dendrobium Advanced Technologies.

Dendrobium Automotive has signed the four-party joint development agreement along with its Dendrobium Advanced Technologies Limited (DATL) division, plus Magnis Resources Limited and C4V to produce the next generation of high performing batteries, including Solid State (ASSB) batteries.

Under the new joint development agreement, a working group has been created to develop and produce the next generation high performance batteries using technology developed by C4V and Magnis.

Areas of co-operation include battery packaging solutions, battery hybrid systems, battery management software, battery performance testing and battery development materials, with C4V’s Generation II and Solid State ASSB battery technologies developed and targeted for Dendrobium.

Dendrobium is an electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) development and production company. Dendrobium’s DATL is an advanced engineering company specialising in performance technology and component design and development, including battery development and packaging systems for EVs and PHEV vehicles.

Magnis is an ASX-Listed company based in Sydney, Australia. Magnis is involved in three future lithium-ion battery giga-factories, is the owner of the world class Nachu Graphite Project in Tanzania and possess technology used around producing battery materials.

C4V is an intellectual property company based in Binghamton, New York with expertise and patented discoveries in lithium-ion battery composition and manufacture. C4V leverages its expertise in electrode design and process development to create storage materials that can be integrated into current cell manufacturing lines.

Commenting on the agreement, Dendrobium Automotive’s chairman and CEO, Nigel Gordon-Stewart said, ‘Dendrobium will be producing high performance vehicles and electric drivetrain solutions for third parties, so today’s agreement is impressive, and a great step forwards for us. We are blown away by the battery performance that Magnis and C4V can produce and we look forward to working together to produce high performing quality batteries, setting the bar for future EVs and PHEVs.’