Frederik Bisbjerg, insurance professional & business developer

Frederik Bisbjerg (born 1973 in Denmark) is a highly respected international business developer with expertise in digital transformations. Frederik was executive vice president of Qatar Insurance Group (QIC), the largest composite insurer in the MENA region and one of the largest insurers in Asia.

Based in Doha, Qatar since 2013, he’s a sought-after expert for local and international business development, mostly working with companies seeking to leverage digital opportunities or undergo a complete digital redefinition of the business.

Prior to joining QIC, Frederik ran the worldwide operations of SOS International, then the largest travel claims and emergency assistance provider in the world.

With SOS International, he established companies in China and expanded SOS International’s Asian operations, securing the company a consistent two-digit growth.

Frederik has a strong business acumen and is recognized for his ability to build businesses and create new, often previously unseen alliances between business partners for mutual benefits; a skill refined and honed through many years of working internationally for a top-tier management consulting firm.

At a personal level, Frederik is deeply involved in portrait photography, driven by the fascination of the human psyche, using the portraiture to increase his understanding of human behaviour and cultural differences.

Besides photography, Frederik runs a YouTube channel focusing on coaching leaders to become stronger in business and life.