GM expands software development

General Motors (GM) has chosen Ontario, Canada, to significantly expand its engineering and software development work.

General Motors will build a major software development centre in Markham and upgrade its cold weather testing facility in Kapuskasing, doubling the length of its test track. The company will also expand its Ontario-based engineering team by more than 700 new positions over the next few years.

As the top vehicle producer in North America, Ontario has quickly become a global automotive hub. The province’s robust automotive presence is the primary reason GM chose Ontario for its investment, which will allow the renamed Canadian Technical Centre to play a leading role in the development of the next generation of connected, autonomous and alternative-fuel vehicles.

‘GM selected Ontario to be a key software engineering hub for the future because of its wealth of talent and focus on innovation. Ontario is a leader in STEM graduates, artificial intelligence and mobile security and has shown its commitment to taking a regulatory approach that enables innovation, said Stephen Carlisle, president and managing director, General Motors of Canada Company.

GM Canada is headquartered in Oshawa and employs about 9,000 people in Ontario, with assembly plants in Oshawa and Ingersoll, plus an engine plant in St Catharines.

Ontario is the only sub-national jurisdiction to have five major global automotive assemblers: Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda and Toyota.