Graeme Reid, Lightstone

Graeme’s initial corporate career was spent in retailing where he held operational and strategic roles with major South African companies.

Experience as the general manager of a service group in the auto sector introduced him to the motor industry. After completing a dissertation on the future of the retail motor dealer, Graeme joined a specialist market research company.

Graeme continued working with stakeholders in the motor industry, specialising in customer service measurement, dealer development studies, industry wide research projects as well as unique niche research.

Key clients have been OEMs, various insurance companies, industry associations such as the RMI, SAMBRA, as well as individual businesses. In the last few years Graeme has specialised in the Motor Body Repair (MBR) sector, managing a unique service to more than 800 members across the industry. Graeme’s corporate experience, his extensive research and market experience and his ongoing work with large and small business owners give him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the motor sector in South Africa.