Groupe Renault hat-trick agreement

Groupe Renault has announced the signing of three new agreements with stakeholders in the European energy markets.

The group’s latest ventures in association with EDF, Total and ENEL are further illustrations of its plan to develop a smart electric ecosystem to advance the energy transition and promote the large-scale take-up of electric cars.

Groupe Renault has announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with the EDF group with three major priorities all focusing on electric mobility and energy services: the development of Renault and EDF cross-marketing solutions revolving around EDF’s Mon Soleil & Moi self-consumption service and the smart charging of Renault electric vehicles; expansion of the concept of smart islands to non-interconnected French territories and Porto Santo Island; and the pooling of expertise to continue providing competitive, low-carbon power services for users of Renault electric vehicles.

Groupe Renault has signed an agreement with Total and Jedlix for a Z.E. Smart Charge offer to be launched in the first half of 2019 in France.

Groupe Renault and Total also work together in the field of battery-charging infrastructure and energy supply to bring down the cost of electric-vehicle charging.

Groupe Renault and Enel X, a subsidiary of ENEL will team up to leverage synergies and develop charging solutions tailored to its individual customer bases with a view to promoting electric mobility.

This partnership will initially cover the smart charging of electric vehicles through Enel X’s JuiceNet platform in the form of a pilot study in Italy prior to release nationwide and in other countries.

It will also focus on the expansion of charging infrastructure, supporting the installation of new infrastructure under EU projects like EVA+ and facilitating access to existing charging points.