High June deliveries for VW

The Volkswagen brand completed June with higher deliveries. Throughout the world, 542,300 vehicles were handed over to customers, 1.6 per cent more than the same month last year.

In predominantly shrinking overall markets, Volkswagen succeeded in maintaining stable market shares or further expanding them. As expected, Volkswagen once again delivered fewer vehicles in Europe following the record values of June 2018. The strong rise of 14.2% in China is a one-off effect resulting from regulatory changes in the overall market. With increases in deliveries by the brand of 9.6 per cent and 13.0% respectively, the USA and Brazil were the strongest individual markets in June. In its home market of Germany, Volkswagen recorded a slight rise in deliveries (one per cent.)

Volkswagen sales board member Jürgen Stackmann commented, ‘In June, the global automobile market once again faced a variety of challenges. I am pleased to note that we have outperformed the previous year’s figure despite the continuing weakness in overall demand. In Europe, we expect a strong second half of the year in view of well-filled order books. In China, it remains to be seen whether there will be a sustained recovery in demand.’