About RS Auto Global

RS Servis was established on 3rd of December 2008, centred in Ankara. Aiming to serve by mixing the “Corporate Management” understanding with the “Turkish Craftsmanship Principles” and starting its journey with the dream to be a strong corporate company based on these  foundations, RS Servis, as of today, offers fast, professional and affordable auto services in 64 service points located throughout Turkey and at franchising points outside Turkey.

Ünal Ünaldı, founder of RS Servis, carried the company to its current successful and innovative position in the automative industry using new techniques and methodologies also by combining the know-how and the traditional experience of his father Zeki Ünaldı.

RS Servis targeted to differentiate its services from conventional ones since the first day of its establishment and by performing Research and Development studies for six months, it started to develop its service infrastructure which consisted by 3 service modules.

Radiator Services is the first of the 3 main service modules and was presented to the automative industry with a meeting held on 3rd of December 2008 and started to offer its services thereafter. After ‘Radiator Services’ was established centred in Ankara, it started its services in the name of ‘RS Servis’ in Istanbul on 2nd of May 2009.

As a result of three years of detailed R&D studies, RS Servis was able to offer all of its service modules fully with the widespread service network throughout Türkiye as of 4th of May 2012. RS Servis has service points within its own structure and also delivers service through dealers / franchises who have the permission to be a RS Servis service point. Offering reliable service is the first principle of RS Service, that is why while choosing their service points RS Servis sees offering the RS’s high-quality service as the main and the most important criteria.

With its growing investments and know-how and experience gained over the years, RS Servis has founded many subsidiary companies offering service in all different areas of the auto industry. RS Servis, as of today, also offers non-auto repair services as well as software services to auto repair industry.

RS Servis is a member of the Federation of All Auto Services (TOSEF).