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FastCare a division of Al-Futtaim Auto Centers, is an Accessories business specialising in advanced vehicle care solutions that support driver safety, vehicle mobility and optimal engine performance throughout the vehicle’s lifespan.

Experts in the Automotive Industry and with a focus on safety, maintenance and servicing, FastCare designs, develops and delivers market leading solutions to fleets and Automotive customers across the world.

Our product portfolio is adaptable and we have the experience and ability to tailor many items within our range to support local markets, exceeding fleet and customer expectations, whilst ensuring they comply with local legislation.

Working in close partnership with manufacturers, FastCare ensures that only the highest quality materials are sourced, resulting in first-class products including Roadside Emergency Kits, Telematics, Speed Limiters, Complete Surface Protection, Window Film, FastTyre solid tyres, Additives and Consumables.

At FastCare, our philosophy embodies the Al-Futtaim Automotive Division’s spirit of organic and inorganic growth enabled by a strength based organisation. To achieve this we apply a systematic emphasis on four key objectives – acquiring new business, entering new markets, attracting new principals and implementing new ways of doing things. Our collaborative approach in working with new and existing customers to identify their needs allows FastCare to deliver choice and innovation throughout ever changing global markets.

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