IBIS Ireland provides ‘catalyst’

Jason Moseley, CEO of IBIS, opened IBIS Ireland 2018 by reiterating the three key pillars of IBIS – safety, skills and standards.

Addressing an audience of over 100 delegates, Jason spoke of how IBIS acts as a catalyst in bringing key local stakeholders together. Jason said, ‘Since we were here last year the IBIS brand has been around the world – and what we are doing today is combining that global experience with local market knowledge. The focus of today is how we can progress the market for the benefit of all stakeholders.’

Jason then went on to provide an outline of the Irish automotive collision repair which features a little over 800 repairers catering for circa 2.5 million registered vehicles. An average of 72,000 insurance claims are made annually with an average cost of repair hovering around €523.40. Overall market value is estimated to stand at €56.5m.

‘There are three things we would like you to takeaway from today: knowledge and new connections; understand others viewpoints; and use IBIS as a catalyst for change,’ said Jason.

IBIS Ireland is supported by lead partner AkzoNobel and partners Audatex, Fix Auto and Synergy.