IBIS Middle East 2020 – The Big Debate


The key focus of IBIS 2019 was on strategic sustainability – how we connect people, processes and partnerships in order continually to improve performance and meet common goals such as increasing productivity and reducing emissions, energy use, and waste.

IBIS 2020 aims to build on this under the umbrella theme of ‘REV-IT-UP!’. It’s all about gaining momentum, accelerating pace and resolve in the next five years to return the auto collision repair sector to growth and profitability through the transformation of business processes and structures.

We’ll be considering how we consolidate cumbersome business models into a more agile, more efficient and lower cost base paradigm.

New technology will play a big part in this. 5G will revolutionise the way service providers, insurers and end customers communicate with each other.

The introduction of electric and autonomous vehicles will bring challenges for sure as the sector gets to grips with ever more complex vehicle technologies, but inherent in this are enormous opportunities for new, more lucrative revenue streams.

The increasing spotlight on road safety and security with the introduction of the central traffic control system ‘SCOOT’ and a speed management strategy again change the traditional ADAS landscape and require innovative and structured responses.

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