IBIS partner in the spotlight: Enterprise Holdings

IBIS (International Bodyshop Industry Symposium) is delighted to shine the spotlight on one of its longest serving and longest supporting partners, Enterprise Holdings.

Of the 10-year partnership, Chrissy Taylor, CEO of Enterprise, told IBIS CEO Jason Moseley in their Partner in the Spotlight video interview that she “happened to be working in the UK 10 years ago at the very time the IBIS-Enterprise partnership started”. She said: “It’s been a wonderful platform for Enterprise to connect at a global level with partners, repairers, technology companies and so on.”

In the video, Chrissy talks candidly to Jason about how she and her family have appreciated their time together during the global pandemic and how her and her team’s tremendous personal commitment to the business has supported her as CEO at this unprecedentedly challenging time.

Chrissy explains that throughout their 63-year history they’ve managed through numerous cycles such as 09/11, the fuel crisis in the 1970s, the great recession in 2008/09. However, nothing could have prepared them for the unexpected velocity of Covid-19.

Chrissy then details the numerous innovative initiatives she and her closely knit team put in place to, in Chrissy’s words “weather the storm”. These include their curbside rentals, Complete Clean Pledge, and low touch and no touch service offerings. Chrissy’s vision was to ensure in everything they did that as a business they were building confidence amongst consumers and employees that they were providing a safe and secure end-to-end experience.

During their conversation, Jason is keen to know from Chrissy if the way they reacted to the pandemic will give Enterprise a competitive advantage when it comes to the auto collision repair and insurance sectors. Chrissy’s response is that, as long as Enterprise continues to do what it does best, which is to innovate, develop people and lead, it will keep its competitive advantage.

At the end, the conversation turns to the subject of people and talent development, something that is dear and important to IBIS as it continues to champion young people developing a career in our industry through its support of WorldSkills. Chrissy is completely on the same page through her belief that Enterprise needs to continue to reinvest in its people as that’s what makes it so strong.

Visit the IBIS Partner in the Spotlight: Enterprise Rent-A-Car web page to watch the insightful and very open video interview, learn more about Enterprise Holdings and find out about the IBIS Global Summit in which Enterprise will be taking part and where they’ll be exhibiting. Alternatively, contact IBIS head of sales Suzie Scott at [email protected] or on +44 (0)7545 068455.