Industry discusses CAPS Standard

Industry stakeholders from the insurance, bodyshop and other repairer organisations met this month to discuss and agree the framework that will support CAPS as the industry standard for connecting data through the repairer supply chain at every stage of the claims process.

The discussion focused on building a platform that will support the industry for the long term, in particular in terms of data integrity, security and visibility, as well as ensuring that all parties have a voice in the evolution of the CAPS system.

Agreement was reached on the structure and governance of the core National Advisory Council, as well as on the format for engaging with the large number of other organisations involved in the insurance claims process that have an interest in connecting to the CAPS platform.

John O’Roarke, chairman of the CAPS Consortium, commented, ‘The intention of CAPS is to provide a truly agnostic platform which exists to serve the best interests of all participants. By establishing specialist sub-groups, in a manner similar to the CIECA model in the USA, we aim to ensure that CAPS is able to fully meet the future needs of our industry against a backdrop of a fast-changing and increasingly digital world.’

Jason Moseley, executive director of NBRA, the only UK affiliated trade association representing vehicle repairs, said, ‘It is vital to have transparency and security around data transmission and that repairers have access to CAPS in the most efficient and effective way. It is essential that there is clarity of where the data is going, how it is stored, deleted, and routed in all its aspects, which previously was not the case.’

‘CAPS is an important system to deliver this and hopefully, with the guidance and input from the Council coupled with the significant investment being made in security and transparency of data sharing as part of the new platform being implemented, it can become the industry benchmark going forwards.’

Other organisations who attended this month’s meeting include: Sabre, LV= and Akzo Nobel.