JLR invests in Lyft

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has become the latest automaker to take a stake in ride-share operator Lyft, with a $25m investment from its mobility services arm, InMotion.

The deal will allow InMotion to develop and test mobility services including autonomous technology with Lyft. In return JLR will supply some of Lyft’s drivers with Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

Sebastian Peck, InMotion managing director said, ‘Personal mobility and smart transportation is evolving, this new collaborative venture will provide a real-world platform helping us develop our connected and autonomous services.’

John Zimmer, Lyft president and co-founder said, ‘We’re excited to join forces with Jaguar Land Rover and InMotion, Lyft envisions a future where shared mobility will transform cities and improve people’s lives.’

The deal follows a collaboration between Lyft and technology company nuTomomy to work together on a pilot programme testing driverless vehicles in Boston.