Judge throws out Mississippi allegations

A Florida judge has thrown out federal antitrust and boycott allegations brought by 26 Mississippi collision repairers against some of the largest vehicle insurers in the USA.

The Sherman Antitrust Act claims were dismissed with prejudice, which means there’s no chance they can be refiled, only appealed. However, Middle District of Florida Judge, Gregory Presnell hasn’t yet ruled on the other claims in the lawsuit — including a potentially stronger steering case (legally known as tortious interference).

US Magistrate Judge, Thomas Smith last week recommended three shops’ allegations of tortious interference – two against Progressive and one against State Farm – had enough evidence to survive a motion to dismiss.

‘We’re disappointed,’ said attorney, John Eaves Jr. However, he was heartened by Smith’s steering recommendation, saying ‘the biggest part of the case is going forward.’

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Source: repairerdrivennews