New chapter for Infiniti engineers

Exciting new chapters are underway in the careers of the seven winners of the 2016 Infiniti Engineering Academy, as they start their dream engineering placements with Infiniti and the Renault Sport Formula One Team.

The winners were initially selected from more than 4,000 hopefuls, having beaten nine of their qualifier peers in their respective regional final events around the world. The university students and budding young engineering talents have now spent time in their new job roles in the UK.

Caitlin Bunt (USA), Felix Lamy (Canada), Alexandros Palaiologos (Mexico), Riccardo Manfredini (Italy), Xuezi (Sally) Li (China), Shihab Solaiman (UAE) and Jaden Partridge (Australia), all won a once-in-a-lifetime, 12-month placement – split between automotive and Formula One engineering – plus accommodation, access to an Infiniti Q30 company car and a full salary.

A key pillar of the Infiniti Engineering Academy is exploring crossover opportunities and the sharing of technology between Infiniti road car and Renault Sport Formula One race car projects. As the seven Academy winners split their placements in half between each company, they will be the driving forces behind this technology transfer.

Infiniti’s Technical Partnership with the Renault Sport Formula OneTM Team was formed at the beginning of the 2016 racing season.

Tommaso Volpe, global director, Infinit Motorsport, commented, ‘With Formula One more relevant to the automotive industry than ever and our Academy engineers at the cutting edge of both automotive and motorsport engineering, we are perfectly placed to explore, understand and encourage the crossover of technology between our two companies and disciplines. The Academy engineers will meet monthly, alongside their mentors, to share the freshest thinking and brightest ideas between the two industries.’