New partnership between Semcon and VW

Within the framework of an e-Mobility-consortium, Semcon Brazil is entering a partnership with Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus to develop the e-Delivery truck as the first step.

“At Semcon, we contribute to a better climate through the products and solutions we develop for our customers. This new partnership is a further example of how we can make a difference – both for our customers and for the environment – by using our technological expertise”, saod Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon.

The consortium involves a cooperation in which Semcon will be the engineering partner, with expertise in electrification, mechanics, product engineering and structural analyses amongst other. Semcon will support VWCO Engineering in the main development activities such as CAD, FESA, prototypes and testing.

The first vehicle developed within the framework of the e-consortium is an e-Delivery truck from Volkswagen, a small truck with the capacity to transport up to 14 tonnes. The truck will have a range of 100 km and brakes that charge the batteries while driving. The first e-Delivery truck is planned to be out on the roads during next year.

“There is no doubt that with this announcement we are yet again making history. VWCO was the first company to demonstrate and test an electric-powered truck in Brazil under real operating conditions. And now, with the worldwide announcement of the e-Consortium business model, we are joining forces with companies like Semcon, which are leading the way in developing electric mobility,” said Roberto Cortes, president and CEO at Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.