Nissan reveals emissions misconduct

According to Reuters, Nissan has revealed wrongdoing regarding exhaust emissions and fuel economy measurements in 19 models sold in Japan.

Within a year, this has been the second instance for the brand where misconduct was found during the inspection processes.

Nissan claimed that at most of its factories in Japan it found that the testing environments for emissions and fuel economy were not acceptable within requirements because of inspection reports being based off changed measurements.

In a statement, Nissan stated, ‘A full and comprehensive investigation of the facts…including the causes and background of the misconduct, is underway,’

The statement added that the misconduct did not affect the safety of the models, and that mileage readings were acceptable within levels presented in product catalogues.

Only in October 2017, Nissan claimed that for decades uncertified inspectors had signed off on final checks for cars sold in Japan, resulting in a recall of 1.2 million vehicles.